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Badges for Lifelong Learning

The Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC), in collaboration with Mozilla and supported by the MacArthur Foundation launched the Fourth Digital Media and Learning Competition. The focus of the competition is building digital badges for lifelong learning.

The competition is designed to encourage individuals and organizations to create badges (i.e., visual representations of skills and achievements) for 21st century learners regardless of where and when learning takes place. To participate in the competition, applicants can submit Badge Content and Programs--a proposal focused on learning content, programs, and activities that present an opportunity for badges and badge systems during Stage One. During State Two, applicants can submit Badge Design and Tech proposals focused on badge or badge system design and the technology that makes them work. For more information regarding the proposal process, visit the Call for Proposal site here. The deadline for Stage One is November 14, 2011. The Stage Two deadline is November 28, 2011 1.

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mozilla logo The Mozilla Foundation, in support from the MacArthur Foundation, is building an Open Badge Infrastructure to enable the interoperability and collection of badges. The infrastructure will support badges from any issuer and store information such as who issued the badge, when it was issued, and how the badge was obtained and validated. For more information, visit