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Job Training

This month, is highlighting resources geared toward job seekers and developing 21st century skills. The Digital Literacy Workforce page includes resources for finding a job, guidelines for creating a resume, career training and exploration information. Check out some of the recently added resources to learn more.

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The Maine State Library is addressing unemployment by providing free broadband access, career development tools, and job search resources for residents that do not have the experience or skills required for many of today’s 21st century jobs. The library offers a web portal that brings together resources to help visitors learn new skills find jobs. The portal, found here, can be accessed from home or at a public library and offers more than 80 free career and digital literacy courses, webinars, and resources. Additionally, the portal offers free access to the LearningExpress Library, a platform featuring more than 770 practice tests, tutorials, and e-books on job searches, workplace skills enhancement, GED exam preparation, certification and licensing exam preparation, and college and graduate school admissions exam preparation. The LearningExpress Library includes popular video-based tutorials on Microsoft® Office, Adobe® products, and other software used in the workplace today.

The Maine State Library also provides on-site training for job seekers, in partnership with the Maine Department of Labor’s Rapid Response Team. For example, on Dec. 14, 2011, the McArthur Public Library in Biddeford, ME hosted a training session for unemployed workers, including a group laid off by a local branch of a home improvement chain. The session gave an overview of the online resources available to job seekers, and covered topics such as interviewing skills, preparing for job fairs, and using social media to help with job searches. More sessions in libraries statewide are scheduled as the Maine State Library works with career centers, workforce investment boards, and public libraries to help residents develop practical skills to rejoin the workforce.

Recently, the District of Columbia announced a strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation that will bring increased technology access and computer-skills training to District residents. Additionally, the program aims to provide new resources for teachers and students and implement initiatives aimed at helping small businesses based in the District.

The D.C. Department of Employment Services (DOES) will provide training on basic technology tools to help ensure participating residents can develop the digital skills required for many of today's jobs. DOES will identify candidates with gaps in digital literacy and help them to close those gaps by teaching residents digital basics through Microsoft's Digital Literacy Curriculum. DOES and Microsoft will also provide residents with training on Microsoft productivity software. Upon completion of a training program, many residents will receive a certificate of technology proficiency that can be added to their resumes.

The D.C. Public Schools will partner with Microsoft to provide District teachers with increased access to technology resources to bolster their ability to teach vital technological skills to students. Students will also have the opportunity to meet technology professionals at Microsoft’s D.C. Innovation Center to explore career opportunities in the technology sector.