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Youth Policy Institute Works to Increase Digital Literacy in communities in Los Angeles

The Youth Policy Institute (YPI) is working to open 80 computer centers in Los Angeles. Besides accessing computers and broadband Internet, visitors to the centers can attend a variety of digital literacy and educational classes, including computer basics, Internet fundamentals, English for Speakers of Other Languages, SAT preparation, Federal and state tax e-filing, and resume and cover letter techniques.

The centers’ main focus is to provide classes that meet the interests of the area’s low-income, Hispanic population. In response to poor literacy rates in the community, the center created the Leamos Spanish Literacy Program, which utilizes educational software to teach Latino immigrants basic computer skills as well as how to read and write in Spanish. A survey of local middle school students led to the creation of the Game Development Workshop, which teaches participants simple video game coding and design techniques. As of April 2011, more than 1,821 community members have participated in the center’s training classes. The center also houses a YPI workforce development program that is training clients for health careers.

The project also has a page on Facebook with the latest news.

instructor assists computer users