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Connect to Compete

Private-sector companies, non-profit groups and Federal partners joined together to announce basic and advanced digital literacy training and certification activities as a...

Job Training

The Digital Literacy Workforce page includes resources for finding a job, guidelines for creating a resume, career training and exploration information.

Libraries and Digital Literacy

In today’s 21st century digital economy, libraries play a critical role in providing access to high-speed internet and training to help more Americans compete in today’s...

Digital Inclusion Infographic

The Internet Is Important To Everyone infographic explains why Americans are not using the internet or purchasing home internet service and offers actions our communities...


Frequently Used Resources


Source of health information ranging from general wellness to detailed materials on specific diseases and conditions.

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Copyright Clarity: How Fair Use Supports Digital Learning

Digital and media literacy educators and learners depend on the ability to be able to use copyrighted materials, including movies, TV, print, music, and digital media. Learn about your rights and... Read more


This article defines phishing, gives advice on how to recognize and deal with scammers and provide information on how to report phishing email messages.

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